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Our Attorneys Have Recovered Millions For Clients

Giordano Law Offices has secured millions of dollars in compensation for our clients over the years. Of course, we always work hard to settle your case quickly, but we are always willing to take your case to trial if that is what is necessary. Please see a sampling of our recent case results below. Giordano Law Attorneys are tough advocates for our clients and we stop at nothing to get a recovery and justice for our clients.

Personal Injury Case Results

$2.75 Million Jury Verdict

For Client Injured In Access-A-Ride Motor Vehicle Accident

Giordano Law Offices’ attorneys are seasoned trial attorneys who are not afraid to take a case to trial and verdict. In this motor vehicle accident case, we obtained a verdict of $2.75 Million for our client who was injured when her Access-A-Ride transport vehicle collided with another car.

$1.5 Million Settlement

For Woods Family In Rikers Island Wrongful Death Case

Giordano Law Offices secured a settlement of $1.5 Million for the family of Victor Woods, a Rikers Island inmate who died in solitary confinement due to an untreated ulcer.

$2 Million Jury Verdict

For Client Injured In A Premises Liability Case

Giordano Law Offices obtained a jury verdict of $2 Million in a premises liability case for the victim of a window accident where the plaintiff suffered chronic inter-digit neuropathy.

$1.2 Million Settlement

For Henriquez Family In Rikers Island Wrongful Death Case

Giordano Law Offices secured a settlement of $1.2 Million for the family of Andy Henriquez, a diabetic teenage inmate at Rikers Island that tragically died after being denied medial treatment.

$1.2 Million Settlement

For Bicycle Accident

At the conclusion of a lengthy and fiercely fought trial, Giordano obtained a favorable settlement during jury deliberations for a bicyclist with two fractured vertebrae of $1,200,000. Ells v. The City of New York (Queens County)

$750,000 Settlement

Obtained For Injured Caterer

Giordano Law Offices recovered a $750,000 settlement during trial for a plaintiff who suffered a herniated disk following a fall from a folding chair.

6-Figure Settlement

For Client In Neglient Construction And Property Damage Case

Giordano Law Offices recovered over $600,000 dollars for a client whose Chelsea townhouse had been damaged by the negligent construction of the adjacent building.

1/2 Million Settlement

For Injured Laborer

Giordano Law Offices obtained a settlement for over $500,000 for an arm injury, which required release surgery.

5-Figure Settlement

For Client Who Was Assaulted By NYC Club Bouncers

Giordano Law Offices obtained a 5-Figure Settlement for our client Robert DiMartini, a Columbia University Student, after he was badly beaten by bouncers at a NYC club.


6-Figure Settlement

Obtained For Falsely Accused NYC Homeless Client Jake Greene

Giordano Law Offices secured a $113,000 settlement for Jake Greene, a homeless man, who was locked up on Rikers Island for a rape he did not commit.

Police Abuse Case Results

$1 Million Settlement

For Victim Of Police Assault

Giordano Law Offices obtained a Million dollar settlement recovered by for clients that were the victims of a police assault.

$1 Million Settlement

For Russian Immigrants Beaten And Arrested By NYPD

Giordano Law Offices secured a settlement of $1 Million for Russian immigrants beaten and arrested by NYPD police officers.

6-Figure Settlement

$300,000 Settlement

For Client Beaten By NYPD on Subway Platform

Giordano Law Offices secured a $300,000 settlement for a client that was beaten by the NYPD on a subway platform.

Employment Law Results

$1 Million Settlement

For Client In Hostile Work Environment Case

Giordano Law Offices secured a settlement of $1 Million Dollar for an employee who faced a hostile work environment from his direct supervisor.

6-Figure Settlement

For Law Office Associate

Giordano Law brought hostile environment and race discrimination claims against one of New York City’s power house corporate law firms, obtaining a substantial six-figure settlement.

Negotiation Of Severance Agreements

Giordano Law Offices negotiates numerous favorable termination and severance agreements for our clients in a variety of professions and fields of employment. When employers take advantage of favorable “at-will” employment laws, Giordano Law is there to protect you and secure you the best severance possible.

Title IX Defense

Giordano Law Offices represents professors, teachers and students who have been accused of violation of Title IX. We provide aggressively appropriate representation when circumstances call for a vigorous and truth-yielding legal defense.

Discrimination, Hostile Environment, Retaliation, And Quid Pro Quo Harrassment

Attorney Jack Giordano has recovered millions of dollars in compensation over the years for employees and professionals who have been the victims of discrimination, hostile work environment and other forms of harassment in the workplace.

Entertainment Law Results

$700,000 Judgement

For Client In Copyright and Trademark Infringement Case

Giordano Law took over as trial counsel in a federal case brought in California and received an award of $700,000 for a defendant in copyright case, getting case dismissed and obtaining an award of costs and fees.


Injunctive Relief And Monetary Compensation

Giordano Law successfully stopped Old Navy from bootlegging our client, rock band Oxes’ good name and image in the sale of Old Navy t-shirts and merchandise without the Oxes’ permission. We also obtained an order requiring Old Navy to disgorge the profits they made on the t-shirts and pay Oxes the profits as well as attorneys’ fees.


Defense Of Trademark Violation Claims

Giordano Law defended clothing manufacturer Burkina in trademark litigation brought against Burkina in federal court. We knocked out most of the claims and negotiated a favorable settlement for our client permitting the company to continue to manufacture and sell their unique hip hop inspired clothing and apparel.