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Prison Personal Injury

Award-Winning Prison Personal Injury Legal Representation

New York City Prison Personal Injury Lawyer

Giordano Law Offices represents inmates that have been injured or hurt while in prison due to correction officer abuse, deprived of food, deprived of proper medical care, subjected to abusive behavior, and other instances of personal injuries while under the care of the government as an inmate in prison. If you have been injured or abused while in prison in New York, Giordano Law Offices is here to help. The primary prison facilities in New York are:

  • Rikers Island
  • The Tombs Correctional FacilityBedford Hills Correctional Facility
  • Hudson County Correctional Facility
  • Fishkill Correctional Facility
  • Southport Correctional Facility
  • Clinton Correctional Facility
  • Sing Sing Correctional Facility

    When you enter a New York correctional facility as an inmate, you still retain your rights to proper medical care and the right to a healthy and safe environment. If you are not feeling well, you have the right to medical care and if you have been denied that right in a time of need, you have a claim. If you have experienced negligence in the form of improper medical care, you have entitled to a prison personal injury claim. If you have been abused or beaten by correctional officers meant to protect you, if you have been locked away in solitary confinement for years, if you have been denied food and water, you may have a prison personal injury claim.

    Giordano Law Offices has handled a multitude of cases where inmates have been catastrophically injured as a result of the careless and negligent actions of prison staff. If you or if someone you know has sustained serious and permanent injury while in prison, you may be able to recover compensation from the state of New York for your injuries, emotional and mental trauma, ongoing medical expenses, lost income, and more. You have the right to pursue a legal claim if your rights have been violated, contact our award-winning firm firm for a free consultation today: (646) 217-0749.

    Unparalleled Experience In Trying The Most Difficult Cases Against New York City & State

    Giordano Law Offices’ Principal Attorney Jack Giordano has litigated against New York’s largest prisons and won millions in compensation for the families of the wrongfully dead. Attorney Giordano understands how to litigate cases against the state intimately because he has the rare background as a former rackets prosecutor in Brooklyn, he worked for The new York City Corporation Counsel under Giuliani, and worked as an Attorney for The United States Senate for Senators like Joe Biden. Attorney Jack Giordano is available for a free consultation on our mobile office line: (646) 217-0749.

    Examples of Prison Personal Injury Case Claims:

    Correction Officer Abuse, Neglect, and Assault

    The Eighth Amendment in The United States Constitution protects against “cruel and unusual punishment.” As an inmate in the New York state correctional system, you have a right to proper medical care and to a healthy and safe environment. If a correctional officer has beaten, abused, and injured you or someone you know, that is a violation of your rights as a person and as a prisoner. You have a reasonable expectation that the staff that is employed to help you will not abuse you, deny you medical care, or treat you unjustly. If you have been beaten or abused in a New York prison and sustained serious injuries, please call our office for a free consultation today: (646) 217-0749.

    Delay In Or Complete Failure To Provide Medical Care

    In prison you do not lose your right to timely medical care when you have sustained an injury, have a preexisting condition, or are otherwise feeling unwell. If you have requested medical treatment while in prison and that medical treatment has been denied to you or delayed, you may have a prison personal injury or medical malpractice claim. Giordano Law Offices has recovered millions for the families of clients in instances where the client was denied life-saving medicine like insulin, in the case of a diabetic client. Health concerns are often more critical in prison according to recent study by the National Institutes of Justice, which concluded that the age of 50 should be the cutoff age for the definition of “old” in prison because “the stress of staying safe behind bars, personal financial woes, drug or alcohol withdrawal, and a history of poor health care can speed up the aging process for inmates.”  Therefore health concerns can sometimes progressively get worse in prison if not tended to promptly and appropriately. If your loved one was denied necessary and life-saving medication and as a result your loved one passed away or was seriously injured or debilitated, you may have a prison personal injury or wrongful death claim. In instances such as this, retaining highly skilled legal counsel is paramount. Giordano Law Offices never charges for an initial consultation, so call us toll-free today at 866-NYC-JUSTICE.

    Deprivation of Medication, Nourishment, and Water

    Prison inmates have the right to necessary medication, food, and water. Additionally, if your religion and in some cases, your medical condition, require that you have certain food and beverage accommodations, prisons are required to provide you with compliant nourishment. If you or if someone you know has been denied necessary medication, food, or water, please contact our seasoned prison personal injury attorneys today at: (646) 217-0749.

    Solitary Confinement

    If you have been in solitary confinement for a prolonged period of time, data has shown that the mental and psychological impact of such confinement is debilitating. If you have been in solitary confinement for prolonged periods of time in addition to other forms of “cruel and unusual punishment,” you may have a claim. Contact Giordano Law Offices for a free consultation today.

    Correction Officer-Related Issues: Abuse, Issues Stemming From Under-staffing, Sexual Relationships

    Prison correctional officers are paid to care for and protect the incarcerated. In recent years, budget cuts have led to a reduction in the necessary staff for prisons. With fewer staff, dangerous fights, altercations, and assaults have the potential to be more common because the ratio of inmates per correction officer has grown larger. Additionally, even if there are enough correction officers, because of poor training or otherwise, correction officer-led abuse to inmates is sadly common. If you or if someone you know has been beaten, abused, or mistreated by correction officers as a prison inmate, you may have a prison personal injury claim. The abuse can also be sexual-if you have been targeted, harassed, or sexually pursued by a correctional officer, you may have a claim. Harassment can also be in the form of disclosure of your confidential medical history. We are here to help you. Please call our office today to obtain a free consultation, our attorneys will give you legal advice that has been honed by over 4 decades of practice: (646) 217-0749.

    We Are Here To Help You In Your Time Of Need


    Giordano Law Offices was created to help people that have been harmed by the carelessness and negligence of others. If you have been wrongfully imprisoned, we are here to help. If you have been abused by the NYPD or by a correction officer, we are here to help. If you have been subjected to cruel and unusual punishment in the form of denied medical treatment, medication, food, water, abuse, harassment, or any other civil rights violation while under the care of the New York Correctional System, we are here to help. Giordano Law Offices will never charge you for an initial consultation and the majority of our prison personal injury cases are done on a contingency fee basis, which means that you pay nothing until we are successful and get a recovery for you. Call us today: (646) 217-0749.

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    Prison Personal Injury Attorneys at Giordano Law Offices have been ranked in the top 5% in the country by Thomson Reuters Super Lawyers. Platforms like Expertise, Avvo, and have recognized Giordano Law Offices attorneys with 5 star reviews across the board. When you call Giordano Law Offices after you or your loved one has been injured or has tragically died, you are treated with personal care. You speak directly with attorneys who have successfully won millions for prison personal injury clients. Oftentimes, you are given the personal cell phone number of our leading attorneys that make themselves available to you around the clock. With Giordano Law Offices, we take pride in our customer service and you are treated like an extension of our family. Call or text us anytime for a free consultation: (646) 217-0749.

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