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Toni Marie Angeli

Toni Marie Angeli, of counsel to Giordano Law Offices, attended Harvard University and earned her doctorate of law from Northeastern Law School. She began her career doing public service legal work in New York City. In 2005 she joined the Law Offices of Bruce A. Barket on Long Island, eventually rising to partner in that firm. In 2009, she opened The Law Offices of Toni Marie Angeli, P.C.

For the last decade, Ms. Angeli is a seasoned criminal defense attorney who has represented high profile clients to indigent clients in the state and federal courts of New York. Ms. Angeli brings to her practice years of experience working in the high pressured environment of the Manhattan Legal Aid Society where she aggressively represented indigent clients facing criminal charges. Prior to working as a public defender, Ms. Angeli was an associate in a Madison Avenue legal boutique, Herbst & Greenwald, a firm that specialized in police brutality cases.

Through both her professional and personal experiences, Ms. Angeli has come to understand that our constitutional rights to be free from government intrusion and to be afforded aggressive representation are among the most valuable protections we have. She knows far better than lawyers of less varied background how staunchly we must fight for our constitutional rights in the courts of law. At every opportunity, she believes, we must stand firmly in opposition to police brutality, invasions of our privacy, and efforts to infringe upon our rights and liberties under the law.

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Toni Angeli